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Below are a few of the Demo websites I have made. I am familiar with CSS, HTML, and PHP. In addition to using CMS’s such as Dreamweaver and WordPress.



Please note: Some of these websites have music in them that starts automatically. These websites are pretty basic, (some are pretty old, with only basic text links, nothing too flashy) with basic CSS and HTML. If you are curious as to what a more ADVANCE version of what I’m capable of, THIS website (KJ Designs) was also developed by me, and it has a variety of components including CSS, HTML, Dreamweaver, WordPress, Photoshop, PHP, and Javascript.

  1. Vision Wood Workings
  2. Slightly Modified CSS Template – Eugene Heflin
  3. Denise’s House of Beauty
  4. Hurry Up Stage and Filmworks


Functioning Websites

These websites are some that I’ve done and that are still currently online. A few are personal, others were made for other people.

  1. I want Hosting
  2. B.O.S.S Entertainment